How To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to start making money online. There are plenty of websites and companies which pays for affiliate sales and you can make money with affiliate marketing websites. When anyone buys product or service with your affiliate link you will get paid a particular commission for that purchase. You can start making money from affiliate marketing network or individual affiliate website.

What You Need to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

• Computer or Mobile
• Internet connection

How To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

1. Sign Up for affiliate marketing website.
2. Create affiliate link with your username.
3. Promote your created affiliate link whichever platform you want.
4. Whenever any person buys product or service with your affiliate link you will get paid.
5. After you reach threshold in affiliate account, money will credit to your bank account.

What Are The Best Affiliate Websites

  1. Commission Junction :

    This is one of the old and largest affiliate marketing networks consist of lot of advertisers and opportunities to promote products. The commission is depends on each advertiser and product.

  2. Amazon Associates :

    Amazon Associates is E-commerce website affiliate marketing network. Average commission is ranging from 1% to 10%. Cookies on browser lasts for 24 hours and for specific products It will have 90 days.

  3. Flipkart Affiliates :

    Flipkart affiliate is also another E-commerce affiliate marketing network which have tremendous amount of products to promote.

  4. ShareASale :

    One of the fastest growing affiliate network, easy to signup and track. Payment threshold for ShareASale is $50

  5. Impact :

    This is partnerships management affiliate network. Cookie for browsers lasts for 7 days. We can set our own payment threshold.

  6. FlexOffers :

    It is performance based affiliate marketing network. It provides publishers tools, strategies, promotional tools to reach potential advertisers throughout the world on their platform.

  7. ClickBank :

    It is one of the trusted, global and easy to operate affiliate marketing Network. It provides top performing offers and leads. It has very good support and education for online marketing.

  8. Avangate :

    It is one of the best for flexible payments, reporting and lead conversion. It provides dedicated 24/7 support. You can grow very fast with premium advertisers.

How You get Paid

  1. Cos Per Sale (CPS)

  2. Cost Per Lead (CPL)

  3. Cost Per Action (CPA)

  4. Cost Per Installation (CPI)


Where You Can Promote Products To Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

1. Blogs

                Read : How To Make Money With Blogging

2. Social Media

3. Community Websites

4. Videos

5. YouTube Channels

6. Emails

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